For now the Windows version is the up to date version.

Standalone versions for Linux and Mac are not up to date but can be compiled by the source version using Matlab 2013b.

If you do not have windows on you Mac here is an 30-min video tutorial on how to get it running on an Mac for free.

Workshop Package

SpiSOP workshop package download: workshop package including SpiSOP beta compiled for Windows and Matlab Compiler Runtime (MRC) 2013b

Standalone Version

SpiSOP basic, download: beta compiled for Windows and Matlab Compiler Runtime (MRC) 2013b

Download includes example input files, but test datasets need to be downloaded separately (see below)

Previous versions:,,

Note: For Linux & Mac version it is best you compile it yourself in Matlab2013b after downloading the source and adapt the “complile.m” file to run it (the new version is only compiled for Windows, so are the batch file examples to quickly run it)

ALSO DOWNLOAD Matlab Compiler Runtime (MRC) 2013b (8.2) (this is FREEWARE and download for Windows, Linux, Mac is also available under

Test Datasets

3 test datasets including 7 standard sleep polysomnographies from datasets

  • test_short (3x 1 h night sleep, 6 EEG, 2 EMG, 2 EOG channels, reference: linked mastoids, sample rate 200 Hz), one of which is included as a dummy in the basic package for purpose of browser testing.
  • test_EMSA (2x 8 h night sleep, 9 EEG, 2 EMG, 4 EOG channels, reference: linked mastoids, sample rate 200 Hz),
  • test_lindev (2x 8 h night sleep, channels, 13 (12+Cz) EEG, 2 EMG, 4 EOG, left and right mastoid, reference: Cz (vertex), sample rate 500 Hz)

or see

Conversion utilities

Source code

Newest open source is available for download at  github (for Matlab2013b, works also on Matlab2013a and putatively on Matlab2014a, the necessary files to run on Matlab2015 and later are in the subfolder with the name “2016” on the github repository (just replace the original in the main folder). For the 2015+ version the sleep scoring does not work and also please TAKE EXTRA CARE WITH THE MATALB2015+ version, it has NOT been consistently tested yet).

If you do not know what to download or want to request additional files, please contact .