Research links

Find, Communicate & Publish

  • ❤sci-hub❤ (Science literature accessible now by everyone, thanks to heros like Alexandra Elbakyan and other, hidden contributors)
  • (the one and only, still the best, including with saving searches and emailing result updates regularly)
  • google scholar (cross-citation exploration, citation, bookmark, profile, notifications, follow rearchers or their interests)
  • (profile, preprints, journal listing)
  • (profile, make your reviewing visible)
  • (citation and reference lists in google docs)
  • (annotate the web, including pdfs and every thing you want others to see)
  • (notifications about papers of your field/peers)
  • & (open science framework, start your science here and never stop it)
  • altmetric it (score for the immediate impact of your research on the web)
  • & (preprint, the leading “journals” in research right now)
  • (Pledge to do only open (source) science from now on)
  • (and more of the Stack Exchange network like, aka Cross-validated)
  • free and secure and simple video conferencing in the browser