SpiSOP update

New standalone SpiSOP version is now online Improved browser for sleep scoring: Quickstart to load EDF or Brainvision files immediately without setup of SpiSOP Automated sleep scoring service (beta support) from Z3Score  (based on EEG and EOG activity),also see their introduction video or contact them on …and “skip high confidence epochs” while (re-)scoring the hypnogram. Comparison of up to[…]

SpiSOP update 2.3.4

New standalone SpiSOP version 2.3.4 is now online It has improved Browser for sleep scoring now with power specturm and time frequency plot, as well as slow oscillation filter aid (for noisy signals), minor bug fixes. Co-occurrence analysis can now exlcude duplicates and duplicate pair matches (according to columns identifying identity of the events) as[…]

SpiSOP update 2.3.3

You can now download the latest version of SpiSOP beta 2.3.3 and get started. New version includes: inclusion of new thresholding features for spindles (mean or standard deviation of filtered signal or envelope is now choosable), This allows for replication of more spindle algorithms (e.g. Ferrarelli et al. 2007); dummy eeg for browser when opening, minor bugfixes

SpiSOP update 2.3.2

You can now download the latest version of SpiSOP beta 2.3.2 and get started. New version includes: More bugfixes with the Browser function for scoring (event mapping to channels, zoom vs marking function, marking reseting), … as well as new features in the Browser with displaying of read in events in the Hypnogram and an ajdustable[…]