SpiSOP update


New standalone SpiSOP version is now online

  • Improved browser for sleep scoring:
    • Quickstart to load EDF or Brainvision files immediately without setup of SpiSOP
    • Automated sleep scoring service (beta support) from Z3Score  (based on EEG and EOG activity),also see their introduction video or contact them on testdrive@z3score.com
    • …and “skip high confidence epochs” while (re-)scoring the hypnogram.
    • Comparison of up to 4 hypnograms that were (automatically) scored
    • Supporting >100 channels to be viewed better
    • etc.
  • Added new Rapid Eye-movement (REM) detection (function name remsMaAd) with great help from Marek Adamczyk in using his code an methodology. be aware, it is not extensively tested in SpiSOP yet.
  • Output is now created automatically in respectively named subfolders ordered per analysis/run name and function name.
  • Many other small feature additions and bug fixes, e.g fixing of reading EDF that have inversed physical maximum and minimum (formerly this created errors or wrong values/analyses).

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